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Flag Island Web Cam, Lake of the WoodsThere are many ways to stay connected to Lake of the Woods.  Social media, LakeoftheWoodsMN.com, resort fishing reports, etc.  Another great way that sometimes gets forgotten about are webcams around the lake.  Webcams allow guests who can access the internet to see conditions in real time the conditions, weather, waves, boat activity, etc where the camera is located.  There are many webcam options on Lake of the Woods, the Rainy River and up at the NW Angle.

Flag Island Webcam.  Let’s begin at the northernmost point of the contiguous United States, the NW Angle.  A really cool webcam that can actually be controlled by those who are watching it at the time.  Viewers can choose from a variety of pre-set locations which gives the viewer a great view of the area.  This camera is very high up and can see over the trees gaining nice views all around Flag Island.

Flag Island Dock Cam.  There is also a webcam located on the dock which gives a totally different perspective.

Arnesen's Rocky Point webcam, Lake of the WoodsArnesen’s Rocky Point Webcam.  On the southwest portion of Big Traverse Bay is Arnesen’s Rocky Point.  This is a great area to watch a variety of boat and ice fishing traffic coming and going from the resort.  Arnesen’s looks out over Muskeg Bay on the southwest corner of Lake of the Woods.

Morris Point webcam, Lake of the WoodsMorris Point Lakeview Lodge Webcam.  On the south shore of the lake, Morris Point offers a webcam providing a nice look at the vast waters or ice of Big Traverse Bay.  This is an interesting perspective not only for weather and waves, but also to watch traffic come and go on the lake.  Perfect when you want to be there but have to settle to checking in from your computer.

Border View Lodge Webcam.  Overlooking the Rainy River right next to the Wheeler’s Point public access is the Border View camera.  Their webcam gives a great view of the Rainy River looking both north towards Four Mile Bay and south up river.  It also shows Canada which is located half way across the Rainy River.  A great view to check out the activity on the river.Border View Lodge webcam, Lake of the Woods

Typically, there will be boat traffic from April into November and then based on Mother Nature, some ice traffic with the snowmobile trail and sometimes bombardiers if the river ice gets thick enough.  Other views include views of the docks and resort area.  The camera is preset to move to different positions.  This is also a fun camera to check out.

These cameras are also great to view the variety of bird activity throughout the year.  There is a great migration both in the spring and fall that is exceptional.

There are many great ways to keep in touch with Lake of the Woods.  Another option you may just want to add to your routine are webcams.  What a fun way to keep in touch in real time with The Walleye Capital of the World.

Last modified: 11/20/2020

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